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Is it considered 'bad form' to reference an article that is still in press?

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Hi Ingrid,

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D Litting, 6 years ago

Hi Ingrid,


No I don't think it is. We have a convention on epress on our webpage for instance. I'll cut and paste it here:

If the article has been accepted for publication (so you know the journal name) but you don't know when it will be published, use 'in press' instead of the year and leave out all details following the journal title. If you know the year of publication (this must be the year of print publication even if it is published first electronically), you can use that and then use 'in press' following the journal title. If the article has been submitted but not yet accepted, use 'submitted' in place of the year and leave out the journal name as well.

In text

(Johnston in press), (Jilette & Teller 2012), (Whitbury submitted)

Reference list

Johnston, A.H. in press, 'Images of jellyfish in human history', Annals of Oceanic Art.

Jilette, P. & Teller, R.J. 2012, 'How to make fish disappear', Canadian Journal of Magic, in press.

Whitbury, M.J. submitted, 'New evidence on fake moon landings'.





David @ UTS Library

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