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Hi, how can I reference an online (URL) newspaper but no author?

Such as the news from "The Economist", and the title is "Immigration reform in U.S.", it also provided the publish date that is Apr 13th 2013. And there is a URL link to this news like www.economist.com/news. So how can I reference it without author?

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Hi Chengjing,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Chengjing,


You actually have two options as to how to deal with this. But I think the best of the two is to list the article title in the text and then in your reference list like this:

(‘Foreign cyber-spies’ 2009)

'Foreign cyber-spies' 2009, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 November, viewed 13 May 2013, <www.smh.com.au/etc>.




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