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Scrivener licence


Just wondering if the library had a licence for using the Scrivener word processing software?

I've heard it's really good for organising thesis writing.


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Hi Matthew,

Steven's picture
Steven, 4 years ago

Hi Matthew,

no we don't. I know of individual students and staff who use it. People who write alot rave about it. We have also been asked if we will support other software such as BibteX/LateX/Overleaf, but the answer again is probably not in the short term.

On a positive note we will soon be supporting the use of the Mendeley reference manager!



Hi Matthew, 

Sarina's picture
Sarina, 4 years ago

Hi Matthew, 

I'll be facilitating a Scrivener demo for the GRS as part of the Research Literacies workshop in Nov-Dec. I also write a blog about using Scrivener for Thesis Writing. You can see it at www.thequalitativeresearcher.net

Would be great if UTS could get a license as it is such good software!

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