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How do you reference a treaty Harvard style?

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Hi Anita,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 6 years ago

Hi Anita,

OK we've worked out an answer. And by worked out we've looked at the Australian Guide to Legal Citation and then developed a Harvard UTS equivalent based on the conventions for our style.

Firstly, we want to point out that you only need reference the treaty if you are quoting from it. If another document mentions the treaty, reference that document instead.

With that in mind, what we have is this.

In Text Reference (Treaty Name (in italics) Year the treaty was signed or opened for signature)

Eg: (Treaty of Versailles 1919)

Reference List: Treaty Title (Year of opening/Year of signing) Volume Abbreviated Treaty Series Name First page, signed /opened for signature full date, entered into force full date.

Convention relating to the non-fortification and neutralisation of the Aaland Islands 1921, 9 LNTS 211, opened for signature 20 October 1921, entered into force 6 April 1922.  

Notes on the reference list.

* Only include the entered into force date if this date is different to the date the treaty was made open for signature

Hope this helps ;)

David & Patrick @ UTS Library

Hi Anita,

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D Litting, 6 years ago

Hi Anita,


We're working on this! Expect an answer this afternoon.


David @ UTS Library

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