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In-text referencing; two different articles with same author, same year

Hi, I have two online articles written by the same author in the same year. Considering the in-text reference mentions no other information than author and year, do I need to add any additional information in the in-text reference so that a reader may distinguish between t

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Dear Orland,

Yu Lee's picture
Yu Lee (not verified), 7 years ago

Dear Orland,

If you are using two or more works by the same author, published in the same year, distinguish them by adding a, b, c and so on after the year, both in-text and in your reference list. For example (Dickinson 1990a) and (Dickinson 1990b). In your reference list, works by the same author, in the same year, are ordered alphabetically by their title: the year of the first one then gets an "a", the next one a "b", and so on if necessary.

Best regards,

Yu Lee



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