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How do I show my Search History in my assignments?

Particularly in relation to Health databases and Evidence Based Practice

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To show your search history,

Librarian Jane's picture
Librarian Jane, 6 years ago

To show your search history, there are a couple of options.

  1. use “Print Screen” to paste the search history table into your Word document.
    1. Hit the PrtScn button on your keyboard (next to the F12 button) which captures the whole screen. 
    2. If you have a Mac use this: Apple (Command) Key +Shift+3   or Apple (Command) Key +Shift+4.     The ‘4’ option allows you to just capture a portion of the screen and the ‘3’ option will capture the whole screen. 

And then paste it straight into your word document. To crop the image, use the “Picture Tools” which has a cropping tool.

Alternatively, from Medline, choose your article and select it. Then scroll back to the top of the results list where it says “Print”

That will thow up another screen where you need to select the “Citation + Abstract” and “Include Search History” options: (and then click on “Print Preview”). That will provide you with the search history and the Abstract on one screen which you can print or capture the screen.

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