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Hi, I have a few questions for the authorities on UTS Harvard referencing. Apologies about the horrible wording.

1) What are the general guidelines for referencing links that may be very long? For example, say if I want to reference this to an image: http://www.tommcnemar.com/cdn/pub/odhqmy6klucd/0/null/mh/oreavhg_v16fwsaxmpet/s8/v80/p1577414990-4.jpg?ts=5&tk=lkHSOIBUnvl3vegKlt0f8vBaBSzWvBlUaYuPiM0jFFQ=

Would it be acceptable to use a link shorterner?

2) This is one that has always gotten me. If I'm referencing a website that posts news that is not put into print (its not really a blog and its not really a newspaper), what guidelines should I follow?

As a side note: Below is my attempt at referencing this type of website, is this correct?

Due to the formatting of these questions, there the second line should be tabbed and the link is tabbed on both lines.

AO Art Observed 2009, » Go See: Andy Warhol’s Still-Life Polaroids at Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York Through January 10th - AO Art Observed™, viewed 2 July 2015,    

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Good questions Tom, here are

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 5 years ago

Good questions Tom, here are my answers

1) There's no need to feel bad about long links in a reference list. They are rarely pretty documents to begin with. Sometimes references are just long - there are papers out there with dozens of authors sometimes for example, and you just have to list them all. There is a bit of wiggle room there is the url is ridiculously long - you can link to the page before your actual link if that link is simpler and if you are sure that the reader will easily be able to locate the thing you want them to find.
As to link shorteners, we haven't really got a position on that at the moment, but my feeling is that so long as the shortener you choose is a big player and unlikely to be withdrawn any time soon you should be fine. I will investigate this matter further for you.

2) As to the website, I think your version of the reference is fine really, although you probably don't need the second AO Art Observed bit in the title. Best to keep it simple with websites, the url is they key thing that will deliver findability, and then your only remaining obligation is to credit the author as best you can (in this case the website itself).

I hope this helps, do let me know if not

David @ UTS Library

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