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Exporting multiple citation records in Wiley Blackwell

Eek.  I have 20+ citations saved in Wiley-Blackwell under 'My Profile'. I can only seem to export one citation at a time from Wiley Blackwell to Endnote, not multiple.  Any ideas? 

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HI Ingrid,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 6 years ago

HI Ingrid,

I was just writing to you :) It seems like exporting a lot of references from a search isn't particularly difficult, but as you say it might be less helpful once you've saved the search (I can't figure why that would be, but I can't test it without creating a Wiley logon for myself).

Glad you found some workaround, but if you want me to create a logon and explore this further let me know.


David @ UTS Library

okay, I figured out one way

Ingrid's picture
Ingrid, 6 years ago

okay, I figured out one way to do it, but it's not still exactly what I'm after. 

After selecting multiple records in your search results, there is a 'export citations' button down at the bottom of the page. But this doesn't seem to exist if you save the records to your profile first.  

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