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referencing a work that has been edited and translated

Hi  ....  what is the correct reference for a 1968 publication edited by Arendt, H, of Wlater BEnjamin's Illuminations  .. translated by Harry Zort ?

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Hi Teresa,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 6 years ago

Hi Teresa,

There is a Harvard (UTS) convention for translators. Here is an example:

Marquez, G.G. 1998, One hundred years of solitude, trans. G. Rabassa, Perennial Classics, New York

I take it that this is the book you would like to reference? - http://find.lib.uts.edu.au/?R=OPAC_b1005660 - if so that one is a 1999 imprint, so I'll use 1999 below. If you've got the original then the year is 1968 and the publisher might well be Harcourt Brace and World... but anyway, onto the referencing.

Firstly, if you want to be a bit lazy, according to the catalogue, it can be referenced like this:

Benjamin, W., Arendt, H. & Zohn, H. 1999, Illuminations, Pimlico, New York.

But... if you want to refer to Zohn as a translator then you could do it like this:

Benjamin, W. & Arendt, H.  1999, Illuminations, trans. H. Zohn, Pimlico, New York.

If you want to mention Arendt as an editor and Benjamin as an author things are tricky because as far as I'm aware the Harvard UTS style makes no provision for a book with an author AND an editor. The only time you'd mention both normally is if your book had chapters written by different authors, and this is not the case with this one.

So I think you should be able to use one of the above examples and not get into any trouble, but if you have any questions or concerns do contact me - david.litting@uts.edu.au / 95143390



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