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How do i convert endnote codes in my document?


I'm using Endnote X4 on a Mac with Word 2011.  When I use the Cite While You Write fucntion, my inserted references appear in Endnote Code, rather than the correct formatting for footnotes.  How do I fix this?  Also, when I try to "edit citation", eg to add a page reference to the reference, those footnotes in endnote code do not appear in the list of citations int the document.  Other refererences (which appear in the document after being cut and pasted from an older doc) appear correctly formatted and can be edited using the Endnote dialogue box in Word.


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On a Mac, right click and

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

On a Mac, right click and choose Toggle Field Codes

On a PC, EndNote tab in Word and make sure that it says "Instant Formatting is On"

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