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How do I get EndNote to add page numbers in inter-text referencing?

I recently downloaded EndNote to help with my referencing but I cannot figure out how to tell EndNote how to add the page numbers into the shorter reference within my essays. I know that it is really important to do so (i've been told by many, many tutors) but I cannot seem to add them in myself without the rest of the reference deleting itself.

Do I have to add the page numbers manually, or am I missing something?? 


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Hi Rebecca,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 4 years ago

Hi Rebecca,

To add a page number to an in text reference use the 'edit and manage citations' option in Word, via the EndNote X7 Toolbar. A window will pop up, and one of the fields in this window is 'pages' - just put the page or page range you want in there, eg: 9 or 9-10



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