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How should I reference a direct quote from a 7:30 report transcript?


I am using some dialogue from the online transcript of a 7:30 report episode.  Should I just reference the webpage, the author of the episode, or the person who delivered the quote? 

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Patrick, 6 years ago


the information is in our online referencing guide (I'm assuming here that you are using Harvard UTS referencing style), at the bottom of this page



In your reference list you'd have something like

7:30 Report 2013, television program, ABC TV, Sydney, 3 September.

And in your text you'd have something like (but there are many ways you could do this, I'm just giving you two examples. Note that 7:30 Report is always in italics)

... Tony Abbott said that he would hold talks with Indonesia, and these would 'certainly be successful' (7:30 Report 2013)


... while on the 7:30 Report (2013) Kevin Rudd claimed that 'Labor's policy is working well' ...

If you have several different 7:30 report episodes in the same year, the years would be 2013a, 2013b etc, ordered in the reference list chronologically with the oldest coming first. Normally with a quote from a printed source you need to put the page number(s) in the in text reference, indicating where the quote can be found; I don't think that's necessary in this case, because the transcript is just a written record of the spoken words on the TV program.

Cheers, Patrick

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