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Where can I find statistics of e.g. sales from Red Bull Australia?

I need energy drink statistic from Red Bull Australia, which should inlcude: sales, profits, tax, market share, marketing budgets, ...

Thank you!

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You can find some market

Seraphina Goldsmith's picture
Seraphina Goldsmith, 4 years ago

You can find some market information about Red Bull by searching the Passport (Euromonitor) database using the keyword 'red bull'.

Hi there,

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 4 years ago

Hi there,

Red Bull is a privately held company, meaning it is not obligated to disclose any of this information, and as far as I can see, it has chosen not to. As such, the information is mostly unavailable. There is some information on Statista.

Apologies for being the bearer of bad news! 

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