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Hi there, I am trying to read a book which says available online...but i am not able to access the book...Can you please kindly advise regarding this

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Hi Shubhekshya,

Wendy's picture
Wendy, 4 years ago

Hi Shubhekshya,

Unfortunately, we are not entitled to access the ebook title ="Matlab Optimization Techniques" via Springer.

UTS Postgraduate students and staff can submit an InterLibrary Loans request for this title.

Thanks, Wendy


Shubhekshya's picture
Shubhekshya, 4 years ago


Hi Jackie,

I am on campus. I am able to open where it shows all chapters. But when I click on look inside I can view only first two page for each chapter. I am not able to view all the pages of the book.

Hiyes there is an issue with

Jackie's picture
Jackie, 4 years ago

yes there is an issue with opening the book chapters. I have reported the problem.


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