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Can I track my InterLibrary Loans requests in MyLibrary?

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Yes. Log in to MyLibrary and

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

Yes. Log in to MyLibrary and click on Interlibrary loan requests to view to view book requests which are awaiting arrival or ready for pick up.

After you submit your request, it will take about one working day before the request will appear in MyLibrary (with the status awaiting arrival).

Journal article requests may be filled via ArticleReach Direct. Click on Article Request to view these requests.  If the status of your request is submitted for interlibrary loan, your article was unable to be supplied via ArticleReach Direct and has been forwarded to InterLibrary Loans staff to obtain. Click on Interlibrary loan request to view the progress of these requests.

Requests for photocopies of journal articles, book chapters or conference papers will appear in MyLibrary until the photocopies are available to access via the Web.

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