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How do I reference a revised edition of a book?


I'm using a source which is a "revised edition" of the original... It's not referred to as Edition 2 or anything like that. I'm wondering if I should include the fact that it's revised edition in my Reference List?

If so - Normally editions should appear as '2nd edn', '3rd edn', etc. as according to the guides I've found... if I write 'rev. edn', will that suffice?

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Hi Ante

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Meijun, 4 years ago

Hi Ante

If the revision of an edition is important, note this fact after the edition (for the first edition after the book title) , for example:

Gowers, S.E. 1983, The complete Plain words, 2nd edn, rev. B. Fraser, Penguin Books,Harmondsworth.

Hope this helps,




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