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Cannot access ACS Publications

Dear Sir/Madam,


I cannot access to ACS publications.

Please refer to the following sentences:


USER ALERT: No Access to ACS Publications


Contact: ipblock@acs.org


Access to ACS Publications has been blocked from this IP Address because of

suspected systematic downloading of content from the ACS Publications website.


A user at this IP address is suspected of violating the Terms and Conditions

of the signed License Agreement between ACS Publications and this Institution.

Furthermore, use of automated tools like web crawlers, spiders or robots

to search or index content published electronically by ACS, is prohibited.


A System Administrator or Librarian should contact ACS directly at

"ipblock@acs.org" to request restoration. This IP address will remain blocked

until ACS Publications is contacted and the situation is satisfactorily




Thank you.




Please solve the problem.

Thank you so much.


1 answer


Hi Yunchul,

Tess's picture
Tess, 4 years ago

Hi Yunchul,

Thank you for letting us know - I will report this issue and let you know when it has been fixed.


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