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How does the Library Catalogue work?

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The new Catalogue makes

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

The Catalogue makes information and resources easier to find with a simple "one search box" interface. Simply type in what you are looking for (title, subject, author, journal name etc.) and the sophisticated relevance ranking will bring the most useful items to the top of your results page. If you want to narrow your search further there are powerful refine options.

The Catalogue also integrates results from the UTS Library collections and UTSeScholarship, so you are searching across a broader range of information resources.

Features of the Catalogue include:

  • Sophisticated relevancy ranking promotes the most relevant results to the top
  • Refine your search results - by author, format, date, availability, location and language
  • Spelling correction and suggestions - "did you mean...?" 
  • More item content including book covers, table of contents, and summaries
  • Highlighting of search terms 
  • Lists of new resources
  • Update your searches using RSS feeds
  • Download and manage results in RefWorks
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