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Installation licence key

Hi I am a student attempting to download and install Endnote.  I have Downloaded it but to install it on my computer it is requestomg the product key.  Where do I obtain that?

regards Susan Bailey

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Thanks Patrick,

Lenka Thompson's picture
Lenka Thompson, 3 years ago

Thanks Patrick,

Righ-clicking on the .zip file and selecting "Extract All" works perfectly.

Thank you, Lenka.

Hi there

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 4 years ago

Hi there

this is because you have not unzipped the downloaded file.

If you right-click on the file you downloaded you should see an option like Extract All .. or something similar. Choose this and it creates another folder called EndNote X7. If you go into that folder you'll see the install file and when you run that you should not be asked for a product key - it should all just install smoothly. You should agree to any license conditions and otherwise click on Yes and Next until you get to Finish!

Once EndNote is installed and running properly you can delete both the (zipped) file you downloaded and the extracted (unzipped) file.

Hope this helps


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