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referencing - punctuation

For in text quotations no matter the length if you change the puncutation e.g. 'The'  to 'the' does the 't' become enclosed in [] to indicate that you have changed it from the original... other egs change tense of a verb to make the sense flow.

I have looked at the referencing guides but cant find it. Thanks Debra 

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Hi Debra

Meijun's picture
Meijun, 4 years ago

Hi Debra

If you are using a quote, you must copy the exact words, use quotation marks and give reference details, including the page/paragraph number in your in-text reference. You can't change any words and punctuations from the original work.

Square brackets are primarily used in quoted material to signify editorial interpolations or insertions made by someone other than the author. These interpolations are designed to clarify, to add further information or to point to errors in the original text.

Hope this helps.


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