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How to reference a chapter of an edited book without names of author or editor?

Hi, I am aware of the format in relation to referencing a chapter of an edited book. However, I came across some readings where the author or the editor information cannot be found. 

An example is a reading given by one of my subject tutor, which is an extract of a chapter of the book "Health care and the law 4th edition". Should there be an editor of the book since it is another edition? 

I have tried researching for the names of author/editor of the book above. However, I was unsuccessful. 

If we do not have information about the author or editor, what is the correct way to reference the book in Harvard UTS format?

More specifically, for EndNote user, do we still reference it as a book section but leaving out the "author" or "editor" field? 

If only the author/editor of a book chapter is unknow. Do we reference it as an edited book chapter like the example below?

Only author's are names known:

McIlwraith, J. & Madden, B. 2006, 'Criminal Law and Health Care', Health
care and the law, 4th Edition edn, Thomson/Lawbook Co., Pyrmont,
NSW, pp. 471-510.

Only editors' names are known:

'Criminal Law and Health Care' 2006, in J. McIlwraith & B. Madden (eds),
Health care and the law, 4th Edition edn, Thomson/Lawbook Co.,
Pyrmont, NSW, pp. 471-510.

Thank you in advance for answering my questions. 

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Hi Hang Wai,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Hang Wai,

I've gone and taken this book off the shelves and taken a look at it and it appears that the book doesn't have chapter authors, the whole thing is written by Janine McIlwraith and Bill Madden.

Some books come out under the same title in different years (like this one) and when that happens edition numbers are used to describe which version (or edition) of a book is being discussed. But a book that is the 4th edition or the 2nd edition does not neccesarily have to be an edited book. In fact they are two separate ideas.

An edited book is most commonly a book compiled by someone (an editor) using materials written by different people, rather than written the work of a single author.

Because Health Care and the Law is not an edited book you don't need to make mention of the chapter title in your reference. The in text reference for this book would be

(McIlwraith & Madden 2006)

And the reference list would be

McIlwraith & Madden 2006, Health care and the law, 4th edn, Thomson/Lawbook Co., Pyrmont, NSW.

(The NSW can probably be left out without any penalty)

In terms of EndNote the reference type you would use would be whole book and you would write 4th in the edition field.

Hope this helps!


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