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How to reference the date of a republished chapter of an anthology

Hi there! Using Harvard referencing, how would I reference a chapter in an edited book/anthology that has been republished? The anthology I have was published in 1981 but the individual chapter I want to reference was originally published in 1974. I have seen this done with [brackets] in other referencing styles. Is there a specific way to reference this type of text (both in text and in the reference list) using Harvard referencing? Or if I want to make this clear in the body of my essay, should I just simply state that it was originally published in 1974?

Thanks so much!

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Hi Jessica,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 4 years ago

Hi Jessica,

So sorry to keep you waiting on an answer for your question, we should answer these on the weekend... anyhow, the way I would deal with this is to reference the book in the text, meaning 1981. That is so that your in text reference accords with your reference list - and that way the reader can find the book you read. However if you want to mention in the body of your writing that the author in question had written their part of the anthology in a different year then I believe there is a precedent for that... see these examples from our referencing pages

Einstein stated in 1906 that 'time is relative' (Thorne 1994, p. 17).

Thorne (1994, p. 17) notes that in 1906 Einstein stated that 'time is relative'.

According to Thorne (1994, p. 17) it was Einstein who stated that 'time is relative' in 1906.

Einstein (1906, cited in Thorne 1994, p.17) stated that time is relative.


Hope this helps, let me know if not


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