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referencing a comment in a facebook post

I am a member of a facebook group called Actor-Network Theory. It is a closed group and you must be accepted upon application to be able to read and post. Recently there was an extended discussion on the use of parable in ANT writings. I am using fictional narratives within this theory so the discussion pertinent. A fellow researcher call Ailsa Haxell on the 26 May at 4.04pm posted a particularly useful comment which I would like to use as a quote..how do I cite this?


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Hi Helen,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Helen,

This is an interesting one - I think because the group is closed the nearest match for the comment may be personal communication, the details of which can be found under personal communications on our 'other sources' page

Basically you reference the quote in the text but not in your reference list as the text is not findable in the strict sense of the word (much as a DM would be on Twitter, say).

Hope this helps, 


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