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How can I use Harvard UTS referencing style in Flow?

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If you are a RefWorks user

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Meijun, 3 years ago

If you are a RefWorks user from UTS group, you can now import Harvard UTS reference style and other custom styles into your Flow account for use with Flow and ProQuest for Word.

Here’s how you move the styles into Flow:

1.       Log in to your Flow account
2.       Navigate to Import References and click the "RefWorks" button.
3.       Click the “Authorize” button. 
4.       Log in to your RefWorks account. 
5.       Your custom styles and Harvard UTS style will be copied into Flow (note:  when you import custom output styles, any references in your RefWorks account that are not yet in your Flow account will also be moved)
Once the custom styles are in your Flow account, you can access them from the bibliography feature.

Hope this helps,


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