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Lexis Nexus and legal databases

Dear sirs,

Is access to Lexis Nexus available through the alumni service?

Could you please reply to imiller@shine.com.au  as I have no idea what my old UTS email account information is.

Kind regards,


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Hi Jenny

10065098's picture
10065098, 6 years ago

Hi Jenny

I am a 2007 Law graduate who was able to access the legal databases up until 12-18 months ago. Is there any reason why access has now been denied?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.





Hi Jenny,

03018999's picture
03018999, 6 years ago

Hi Jenny,

Regarding Iain's question above, can you advise why it is no longer available?

Kind Regards,



Hi Chris,

Librarian Jenny's picture
Librarian Jenny (not verified), 6 years ago

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, LexisNexis has not previously been available to Alumni Members. Due to the costs involved in legal research, legal databases tend to have quite strict licensing conditions, and as such we are not permitted to extend access to Alumni Members. 



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