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Endnote: can it automatically update abstract and keywords?

I use Endnote but have many references imported from a few years ago that don't have abstracts or keywords (even those these are in the PDFs- just not transferred to the Endnote database). I know that there is a "find full text" option. Is there an option to get Endnote to auto-generate the abstracts and keywords? Would help immensely wiht my Smart Groups. 

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Hi Sarina,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Sarina,

There is a 'find reference updates' option in EndNote. Basically you highlight the references you want to update and then right click and choose 'find reference updates' and see what happens. I tried doing it on a reference library with 20 or so pretty recent journal references in there but the results were rather indifferent (the references might require DOI's to work), but give it a go...



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