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How do I reference an email?


I was just wondering how I would go about referencing an email in my thesis? I recieved some financial information that I have used in my report and would like to know how I would go about referencing this, preferebly via Endnote.


Thank you.




Edit: All good, I think I have found it under "Other Sources" --> "Personal Communication". So to reference an email for example, would it be formatted as: "Sender, Year, Personal Communication, Date" or "Sender, Year, Email, Date". If it's the latter, do I leave it as "email" or do I place the email address of the person there? It is an email from a member of a hospital.

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Hi Cameron, 

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Cameron, 

As a piece of personal communication the email would only be referenced in the text, as (author year, pers. comm., date)

No need to place the email address of the sender in the in text reference. 

As to the EndNote thing, you'd be better off just writing it into the paper because our Harvard style can't output personal communication in the way you'd need to format it and indeed I'm not sure if it could even if you wanted to try and edit the style, from a quick look at the style edit function in EndNote.

 Hope this helps,



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