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How to in text reference the same authors and dates for 2 different pieces of work?

Hi !


I have 2 references that i am referencing in text. The problem is that both pieces of work are by the same authors and were ] published the same year.

Woodgate, R.L. & Degner, L.F. 2003, ‘Expectations and Beliefs About Children’s Cancer Symptoms: Perspectives of Children With Cancer and Their Families’, Oncology Nursing Forum, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 479-491


Woodgate, R.L. & Degner, L.F. 2003, ‘Substantive Theory of Keeping the Spirit Alive: The Spirit Within Children With Cancer and Their Families’, Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 103-119


Im just wondering how i would go about in text referencing these when the intext reference would look the same?

Do i need to identify them seperately somehow?


Thank you in advance :)

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Hi Daniela,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Daniela,

With these kinds of references you use a little letter to tell the references apart. the letter a is assigned to the title that comes first alphabetically, so 'expectations and beliefs' would be (Woodgate & Degner 2003a) and 'substantive theory' would be (Woodgate & Degner 2003b)

In your reference list you'd put the a and b next to the year as well.

Hope this helps, let me know if not


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