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Update for government agency references

Having read AGLC (ed3) rule 6.2, for submission papers to an ACCC consultation paper. (see examples at link below)

I need advice as to how I should use AGLC rule 6.2 via endnote

Also the earlier workaround by using type "Bills or Alert Digest" isnt available in EndNote v7.7

see accc submissoins example @ page https://www.accc.gov.au/regulated-infrastructure/communications/national-broadband-network-nbn/nbn-co-sau-variation/consultation-paper

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Hi there,

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 3 years ago

Hi there,

This is a trickier query and we'll try to have it answered as soon as possible. It has been forwarded to our relevant experts.


Hi Sean,

Yanko's picture
Yanko, 3 years ago

Hi Sean,

Any progress yet ? I'm open to any workaround or hack, as I have a law essay looming by the end of the month that I'd like to try it out with endnote.



Hey Sean,

Yanko's picture
Yanko, 2 years ago

Hey Sean,

I'm planning on having my one year anniversary party on not hearing back about this tricky problem ! Any luck with solving this mystery ?



Hi Yanko

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 2 years ago

Hi Yanko

sorry about the delay!

If you look at the AGLC 3rd edition rule 6.2 (as you have) you need the following fields for EndNote:

Author, Number, Government Body, Name of Inquiry (in italics), Full Date.

Looking at the available reference types for a workaround, the one that seems to work best is Gazette.

We'd put the author in the Author field, Number and Government body details in the Jurisdiction field, name of inquiry into the Gazette title field (which will come through as italics), and Full Date into Full Date field.

In your case, you don't have some of these anyway. Picking the Telstra submission from your website, you'd have:

Telstra Corporation Limited in Author (with a comma after Limited)

Submission to ACCC Consultation on Variation to NBN Co Special Access Undertaking in Jurisdiction

28 August 2016 in full date.

In the first example in the AGLC rule 6.2, you'd have:

Mobil Oil Australia in Author

Submission No 25 to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Inquiry into the Price of Unleaded Petrol in Gazette title

27 July 2007 in Full Date.

Hope this makes sense!


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