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How do I connect to UTS Library Catalogue through EndNote?

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To restore the UTS Library

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

To restore the UTS Library connection file:

  • click on UTS Library EndNote Connection, if using Firefox select "Open with EndNote" and then click on OK (if using Internet Explorer, select "Open"). On a Macintosh, using Firefox (recommended) save and then double click on the downloaded file.
  • EndNote will open and you will see some details about the connection file. Click on File, Save As.
  • In the Save As window that appears, ensure that the Connection Name is U Technology Sydney (you may have to remove the word "copy" and perhaps some other text, and replace text such as "%20" with a space).
  • Then click on Save and close the connection file window.
  • With your EndNote library open, click on More... in the Online Search section and select U Technology Sydney from the list.
  • At the moment (March 2015) some Mac users will not see the connection in the list. In this case, go to Applications>EndNote X7>Connections, and drag your saved connection file from the Downloads folder into this Connections folder. Back in EndNote, if you select More again, you should now see U Technology Sydney in the list of connections.

Connections to some other Australian library catalogues can also be restored, but some libraries do not have working connection files.

You can also access EndNote's list of downloadable connection files: in EndNote, click on Edit, Connection Files, Open Connection Manager.

  • Click on the "Get more on the Web" button at the bottom of the connection manager window. This takes you to a large list of connection files on EndNote's website. You can download files from here either individually or as a compressed file. (If you are a Macintosh user, this works best if you are using the Firefox web browser).
  • To alphabetically order this list, select Information Provider in the Sort By menu and then click on Re-sort Files.
  • Individual connection files can be saved by clicking on the Download link next to the connection and then using the procedure described in the dot points at the top of this page to save it.
  • Once the connection file has been saved you can select it from within EndNote as normal.

The instructions were

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Tanisha, 7 years ago

The instructions were succinct. I love the different formats in which the info is presented.

I don't need to go to the workshop after all.


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