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Current Grammarly access code comes back saying that quota filled

Trying to access Grammarly to check my capstone project before submission but when I put in the access code provided through the library website, it comes back "Your school has already hit its quota for users. Please contact edu@grammarly.com so that we can help you get access."

Is anyone else having this issue or have a solution??

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Hi Cameron,

Brian's picture
Brian, 3 years ago

Hi Cameron,

Sorry for the late response.  We're not aware of any current issues with Grammarly. If you're still having this problem can you please call us at 02 9514 3666?


Hi Aditya

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 1 year ago

Hi Aditya

apologies for that, we have been having some issues with Grammarly in recent days (early June 2018); however they should be resolved now. If you've never had an account before, you should be able to create one now. If you have had an account before, that account may not exist any more and you'll need to create a new one.

There is a notice about this on our Grammarly page.

Hope this helps, and do let us know if you are still having problems with Grammarly access.


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