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How can I search other Australian library catalogues directly through EndNote?

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Earlier versions of EndNote

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

Earlier versions of EndNote included connections to many Australian libraries, but in recent versions the number of connections included has been drastically reduced.

To add some of them back in (this works best if your browser is Firefox) click on one of the links below, select "Open with EndNote" and click on OK (using Internet Explorer, click on "Open"). If you are using a Macintosh, using Firefox (recommended) click on the link, save the file, and then double click on the downloaded file.

EndNote will open and you will see some details of the connection file. Click on File, Save As. In the Save As window that appears, make sure the name of your connection looks correct: you may need to remove some extra words such as "copy" or "%20"). Then click on Save.

You should now be able to search this new library by choosing "more ..." from the Online Search area.

The connections in the last two sections below have internet connectivity problems. They will not work unless certain internet ports are available on your network: you will need to speak to your internet service provider about this.

New South Wales Libraries

University of Technology Sydney
University of Sydney
University of New England
University of Wollongong
University of Newcastle
State Library of NSW

Other Australian Libraries

Libraries Australia (use this to search Trove; it covers most books in most Australian libraries)
Deakin University
University of Queensland
Queensland University of Technology
University of Western Australia
Edith Cowan University
Murdoch University
State Library of Western Australia
Australian National University
University of Canberra
Charles Darwin University

Problem Connections:
Need Port 9991:

University of New South Wales
University of Melbourne
Monash University
Swinburne University
University of Ballarat

Need Port 7090:
Macquarie University
State Library of Victoria
University of Adelaide
University of South Australia
University of Tasmania


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Hnarimani, 3 years ago

What about Proquest?

Proquest you search from the

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D Litting, 3 years ago

Proquest you search from the database side and download via the EndNote/RIS option via the cite function

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