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In APA style, my in-text citations have unwanted author initials appearing with some surnames.

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At UTS this is an issue with

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

At UTS this is an issue with APA 5th and 6th style, though it can also come up elsewhere. It isn't actually a mistake - the official APA style is supposed to display these initials in the in-text citations. The problem arises because no-one wants them to be there!

To stop this happening you will need to edit each referencing style where this is a problem for you. Note that by doing this you are making a non-standard style - that is why in the last step below you will save the changed style with a new name.

  1. Open EndNote and select the particular style.
  2. Click on Edit, Output Styles, Edit "your style"
  3. From the list of menu options on the left, choose Author Name under Citations
  4. Remove the tick in the box next to "Use initials only for primary authors with the same name"
  5. Now, from the list of menu options choose Ambiguous Citations under Citations
  6. Remove all ticks from boxes EXCEPT leave the tick in the last one, next to "Add a letter after the year"
  7. Click on File, Save As ..., and save your file with a slightly different name (eg APA 5th NoInitials)
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