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My Word document is supposed to be in Harvard (UTS) style but it does not seem to be. What is wrong?

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Your Word document is

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

Your Word document is probably not really formatted in Harvard (UTS) style.

In Windows, click on the EndNote tab in Word and check the document style window (it's just above Update Citations and Bibliography). In a Mac (or Word 2003), click on the Format Bibliography icon in the EndNote toolbar and check the With Output Style window.

You should see Harvard (UTS) there (not Annotated or Harvard without the UTS or any other style). If you don't see Harvard (UTS), click on the drop down and select it. If it isn't in the drop down, choose Select Another Style (or Browse) and select it. If it isn't available to be selected, you must first download the Harvard (UTS) style from our EndNote - Referencing Styles section.

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