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I have a reference (eg Brown 1970), which has been cited in another reference (eg Smith 2000). How do I cite this in my document using EndNote?

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If you have not actually seen

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

If you have not actually seen the original reference (Brown in this example) then you only need to have the one you did see (Smith in this example) in your bibliography. So you can discuss Brown in your text, mentioning that Brown is cited by Smith, and reference Smith by using the Insert Citation(s) icon. For example you might say: in 1970 Brown did some research (Smith 2000). You can use the Edit Citation(s) icon to add some text like "cited by " in front of Smith (using the Prefix box; note the space after "in"); and/or page numbers after the year.

If you need to have both Smith and Brown in your bibliography you can select both references in EndNote, and insert them together into your Word document as normal using the Insert Citation(s) icon. This will then look something like (Brown 1970; Smith 2000). Using the Edit Citation(s) icon, select Smith and type "cited in " into the Prefix box (note the space after "in"), then click on OK. The citation should now look like (Brown 1970; cited in Smith 2000). Use the Edit Citation(s) icon to add page numbers after Brown, or Smith, as normal.

Difficulties arise in the second case if your reference style orders multiple citations by author surname, as Harvard (UTS) does, and if the original author's surname comes alphabetically after the later author, for example (Anderson 2000; Brown 1970). This can be fixed either by changing the reference style to stop it automatically ordering multiple in-text citations by author surname; or by using creative language. For example inserting "citing " (note the space after the word "citing") as a prefix to Brown gives: (Anderson 2000; citing Brown 1970).

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