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Can I add a reference to my bibliography without having to cite it in my document?

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You still have to insert the

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

You still have to insert the citation into your document, but you can then make it invisible so that it only appears in your bibliography.

First choose a place in your document to insert these "invisible" citations - best place is probably at the end of the last page before the bibliography itself, or just after your Bibliography heading. Insert the reference as normal, and then select it and click on the Edit Citations icon. With EndNote X5 or later, use the drop down menu to select Show only in Bibliography (in earlier versions of EndNote, place a tick in both the Exclude Author and Exclude Year boxes). Then click on OK. You'll find the citation has disappeared from the text, but it remains in the bibliography.

To edit "invisible citations", click on (Word 2003 or on a Mac) the Unformat icon; or (Word 2007 or 2010) Convert Citations and Bibliography, then Convert to Unformatted Citations. Any "invisible" citations will appear as {#record number}. To make them visible again type in the reference's first Author, a comma, and the Year, giving {Author, Year #record number}. Make sure the Author and Year match the citation's record number in EndNote. Then Format / Update the document. To remove a citation altogether, just delete its unformatted citation.

More information about unformatted citations and instant formatting.

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