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How can I import my already created Word bibliography into EndNote?

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There is no easy way to do

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115504 (not verified), 5 years ago

There is no easy way to do this as Endnote cannot read the citations in Word. You may want to try using WizFolio to convert a pre-existing bibliography in Word into an RIS-formatted file.

You then import the RIS file into EndNote or RefWorks. You will need to sign up for a WizFolio account (it’s free)

  1. Go to the  WizFolio home page and create an account
  2. Login to your WizFolio account
  3. Open your Word document and select your entire bibliography
  4. In your WizFolio account hold your mouse over the Add icon toward the top centre of the Wizfolio window.  Select Import from Clipboard
  5. Paste your text into the box that opens. You should  see Wizfolio inserting blank lines between the references in your bibliography
  6. After WizFolio has inserted the spaces, click the Import Now button in the lower right corner of the page. WizFolio will attempt to locate and import records from PubMed and other sources
  7. Select all the citations you’ve just imported. Click the Export button at the top of the page then select Export to RIS
  8. Save the file.  It will be called MyReferences.ris.
  9. Open the RIS file in Endnote or RefWorks

This method has limitations, please check your imported references and edit as required.

In Endnote you may be able to fix some incomplete references by doing the following

  1. Highlight and right click on a reference (or on multiple references), and choose “find reference updates.” 
  2. EndNote will show you two records side by side. The one on the left includes the available updates, and the one on the right is the reference saved in your library. Any differences are highlighted in blue. You can choose to “update all fields,” “update empty fields,” or simply type in or copy/paste specific fields. 
  3. Click “save updates” when you are done, or click “skip” to not make any updates or changes. 

If the bibliography created

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Meijun, 5 years ago

If the bibliography was created in a word document with field codes from an EndNote library, the reference data can be imported to the EndNote library.

To export references from a Word document to an EndNote library:

  1. Open the document in Word.

  2. From the EndNote tab, select Export to EndNote, and then select Export Traveling Library.

  3. On the Export Traveling Library dialog, select either:

  • An existing EndNote library:
    Select a library from the drop-down list of available libraries, or click Browse to locate a library.

  • A new EndNote library:
    You will be prompted to name and save the new library.

This is normally almost

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

This is normally almost impossible. Unfortunately, you will have to copy-and-paste each reference one at a time from Word into your EndNote reference library. You will need to make sure that the correct parts of each reference in Word go into their correct fields in each EndNote reference. Note especially that if a reference has multiple authors, these must be on separate lines in the Author field of the EndNote reference.

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