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Why do we have fines?

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The Library has fines for

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

The Library has fines for overdue items because of the impact that a few people can have on the rest of our clients. If one person holds onto a resource for an extended period of time, this can impact on dozens of other library clients.

Other ways of having an equitable system have been trialed but fines have been the most effective way to encourage borrowers to return material so that others can have access to them. 

Why do we have to pay the

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Bong Kyu, 8 years ago

Why do we have to pay the fine at first ?

I recognised the fine system just before by checking the e-mail alerting 'overdue items'.

I fully understand this policy can work most effectively for returning books.

However, my previous uni doesn't apply fine but gives penalty for late returns.

The university apply penalty dates that people cannot borrow which is only based on twice more dates than the number of overdue dates and I thought the penalty of borrowing was just like previous University.

And, if people should pay so much for the fine, then, there is nothing like consideration for library users. It is better for them to buy the books instead of borrowing ?! This system is just focusing on the high rate of returing, but doesn't care much long term researcher or students. Library has alternative renewal system, but people should apply to this system three days before they return the books. How you can be so sure that they cannot find any other additional information thtough books? What if they can visit library only at mid-night due to urgent things?

 When you say library fine is to 'encourage borrowers to return material so that others can have access to them', what you think if the ten same books exist on the list and nobody hasn't borrowed it before borrower returns over the due? Is this system for the borrowers? or for library? Library needs knowledges? or borrowers need knowledges?

 Do borrower get any other information about fines, before they have a plan to borrow books?

 Do borrower know how much the fine is?

 If there is a famous material or book, people always can access to the material with this system?


Fines are also not payable

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Sharlene Scobie, 8 years ago

Fines are also not payable until your fine total is over $29.00 and items can also be renewed a number of times to assist in the prevention of any overdue fines.  

MyLibrary is also a great way to track the items you have borrowed and allows you to regularly check what you have on loan and the date that these items are due.  

Courtesy notices are also sent to library clients a few days before an item is due to remind you either to renew or return your items to assist in preventing any overdue fines.  You can also receive these notices via SMS, so if you would like to receive SMS notifications all you need to do ensure that your mobile phone details are in the mobile field in My Student Admin.  

The library has trialed other equitable systems and have found that fines are the most effective in ensuring equitable use of the collection and provides a range of options for returns, renewals and courtesy email and SMS notices to assist in the prevention of fines.

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