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My question relates to edited books with chapters by different persons. I have referred to different chapters, all by different authors, within a book. For instance I have referred in-text to (Osipov, in Smyth, 2000, p. 197). In the bibliography I have the book by Smyth, but the in-text ref is the only reference to Osipov.

I feel there should be some kind of separate chapter ref to Osipov in the biblio. But if not needed of course I am fine with that.

What is the ruling?


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Hi Robert Ian,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 3 years ago

Hi Robert Ian,

Generally with chapters of a book written by different people the different chapters form their own reference, with the author of the chapter being the name most prominent, and indeed being the only name mention in the in text reference. This is to make the matching up between the in text reference and the reference list easy. 

So is Osipov writes a chapter it would be (Osipov 2000, p.197) 

And then the reference list would be (and I'm making up details below) 

Osipov. A. 2000, 'Chapter about something', in M. Smyth (ed.), The main book, Publisher, Place, pp. 1-15.

And another author would be treated separately, with their own in text reference and reference list example, not withstanding that some of the elements will be the same. 

I hope this helps, do let me know if not

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