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I am very new to all these. I have been to referencing workshop but unfortunately still confused. 

I have been searching on proquest, I found following document http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.lib.uts.edu.au/docview/1733208861/fulltext/2D8AD3A685294EE7PQ/5?accountid=17095. 

Is the section on "Full Text" essentially the content of this document - or is it just summary? 

Can I cite and use this as reference in my discussion paper?

Is it possible to schedule a 1-1 with a librarian to help me with searching / referencing?

Thank you muchly


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Hi EllyI wasn't able to

Jackie's picture
Jackie, 3 years ago

Hi Elly
I wasn't able to follow the link for this document. Please call in at the Research Help desk on level 2 of the Library, one of our Librarians will ba able to help.


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