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I use latex for writing articles. I can download citations as .bibtex file. I am using harvard style file. But the displayed references are not of the style mentioned in UTS harvard. I want to know what style file should I download. Thank you very much..

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I think though (and it's only

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D Litting, 3 years ago

I think though (and it's only think) that you can convert the endnote style for use with Latex, via some wizardry found via the Google machine

Hi Shavetambry,

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D Litting, 2 years ago

Hi Shavetambry,

I was playing around with a new reference manager called ReadCube today and it seems that this reference manager can use the Harvard UTS style and can export a reference to Bibtex. You can download ReadCube here - https://www.readcube.com/

It is free to use but has deluxe, pay to use options too. I don't have bibtex and haven't tested this output put it's worth trying if you are curious. If you need any advice, do let me know, I'm only a beginner with ReadCube but I can show you what I've discovered.



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