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How do I reference ancient works like Plato's Apology?

I've read that the standard way of referencing Plato is with Stephanus pagination, for example (Apology 38a).  That's fine in my document body, but don't I need more detail at the end of my paper? Plato's name, for example?

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Hi Peter,

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Jemima, 3 years ago

Hi Peter,

If you are talking about referencing in the Harvard UTS style I don't think here is a particular set of rules set out for classical literature. Generally you would reference the particular edition of Plato's Apology that you were reading (so the publication year could be 1990, for instance rather than a year in antiquity), which is likely to be referenced just like any other book. Plato is a one word name in common usage so you would treat the authors name as Plato and probably use that in the in text reference as well.

I hope this helps,



Thanks David.  Yes, I was

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Peter, 3 years ago

Thanks David.  Yes, I was talking about the Harvard UTS style - sorry I wasn't clearer.

That all makes sense - thanks for your help.

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