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Hi, i'm terrible at using the database system, could you help me find what im looking for? IPWEA Practice Note 12: Useful Life of Infrastructure. http://www.ipwea.org/publications/bookshop/ipweabookshop/pn12. I have accessed previous IPWEA documents through the library website but can't figure it out again.


Daniel 11438557

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Hi Daniel,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi Daniel,

This is a mysterious one. From the computer that I'm working from I can't even open the Ipwea website, which is making life a bit difficult ... but at the moment I can't find much Ipwea stuff here. We have a couple of journals by them - Public Works and Inspire... I'm having trouble finding anything else. Would you be interested in the library ordering a copy of Practice note 12 if we can't find it any other way?



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