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I need to reference an enterprise agreement for a report, how do I go about this?

This is the link: http://www.sda.org.au/download/enterprise-agreements/Lovisa-Enterprise-Agreement-2014.pdf

How do i write it as an in-text reference and in the references list? 

Thank you!

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Hi Jennifer

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Patrick, 2 years ago

Hi Jennifer

This is a bit tricky. The legal reference at the top of the document, [2014] FWCA 5077 refers to the Fair Work Authority's judgment approving this Agreement, but not the Agreement itself. Initially, I had though this should be referenced like a case, ie

Lovisa Enterprise Agreement [2014] FWCA 5077.

But on reflection, the actual agreement on the website you mention is better referenced as a web page. The question is who is the author? There are a few options: either there is no author, or the author is Fair Work Commission, or possibly the SDA. I'd be inclined to the last option since the thing is on their website and they did help negotiate it. So then we would have:

SDA 2014, Lovisa Enterprise Agreement 2014, Melbourne, viewed 15 September 2017, <http://www.sda.org.au/download/enterprise-agreements/Lovisa-Enterprise-Agreement-2014.pdf>.

You might want to put Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees' Association as the author instead of SDA, but I don't think you need to. I put in Melbourne becasue that's where the SDA National Office is.

In text, that would be (SDA 2014).

Sorry if this is a bit confusing!



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