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Software Installation on computer for my ID


I want to install AutoCAD 2007 or later version to the library computer, so I can use the software for assignments when I log into the student account. There is a way right coz the network seems to be customized for each student ID. 

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Hi Zhuokun,

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Steven, 1 year ago

Hi Zhuokun,

the PCs in the library are the same as those in the General Access PC labs across the campus. The software on these PCs is controlled by the UTS IT dept. There is a list of the software available on these PCs in UTS Service Connect: https://uts.service-now.com/serviceconnect/?id=kb_article&sys_id=8616b6476f46f10080804447ad3ee41c

AutoCad is not on the list of s/w, however some faculties have their own labs which are available to students from those faculties and have hardware and software specific to those disciplines. So check with your faculty if they have a lab with the required h/w and s/w



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