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Are we able to request copies of articles/journals that are only available in print at other universities?

I need to access a 1988 Transportation Research Circular for my Capstone however the only place I have been able to track it down to is Sydney University.  Are we able to request a copy of this through our library or do I have to somehow get access to Sydney Uni's library?

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Hi, Amy:

Wei C's picture
Wei C, 6 years ago

Hi, Amy:

I checked our catalogue and found we do have this journal in print format covering No. 174 (Dec. 1975) + imperfect no.497 (Feb. 2000). Would you please check our collection and see if we have the year that you want?  The call # is: 625.705/21.

If we do not have the year you want, you can try our ArticleReach Direct service at: https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/borrow/interlibrary-loans.




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