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Havard (UTS) style issue in Endnote

Good day


I am writing my thesis, and I notice that the when change Endnote of my document to Havard (UTS) style. Lots of closing bracket in intext reference was missing

For example:

"Shen et al. (2008 said that" instead of "Shen et al. (2008) said that".

This does not happen if i change to normal Havard style. Is this part of the UTs referece style? or is it a bug?

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Hi Duc,

Helen Chan's picture
Helen Chan, 2 years ago

Hi Duc,

This is not normal for the Harvard UTS style. I discussed with colleagues and our suggestions are:

  • try removing the in-text citation and inserting it again
  • try clicking update citations and bibliography in Microsoft Word
  • if you're making changes to your in-text citation to use the Edit & Manage citation option in Word

If that problem still occurs, get in touch again and we can do some more troubleshooting.

Kind regards,


Helen Chan

Information Services Librarian

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