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How do I cite an anthologised reference?

I have cited an essay by Shlkovsky that was anthologised after his death and have been requested by the examiner to clarify in the in text citation and bibliography the date of publication of the original as distinct from the anthology.

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Hi Bettina,

Librarian Jenny's picture
Librarian Jenny (not verified), 6 years ago

Hi Bettina,


 As Nick stated, you must reference the publication you have consulted. If you have been asked to include the date Shlkovsky wrote this essay, you could include this information in a similar way to how to reference a quote from a work citing another author. E.g state the original date in text, but cite the anthology as your in-text reference.


I hope this information has been helpful.





Thanks for the response.

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Bettina, 6 years ago

Thanks for the response.  Just wondering where to put the date of the original essay and then the date of the anthology?

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