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Downloading Endnote in Mac


I have problem downloading Endnote 8 in Mac.  I have followed the steps, but got stuck on this step, please see link below:


Could you please tell me what to do, thanks.


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Hi Barbara

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Patrick, 1 year ago

Hi Barbara

when you go to this link, you'll see links to several versions of EndNote.

Click on the EndNote X8 link and then on the EndNoteX8SiteIntaller.dmg link.

This should download the installation file into your downloads folder.

If you go to your Downloads folder, and click on the downloaded file (it should have the same name as the link, EndNoteX8SiteIntaller.dmg), this should start the installation process. The instructions on our website should walk you through that process.

After you finish installing, when you first open up the program, you may be asked if you want to install some updates. You should agree to this and install any updates - these will be installed from the web so you don't need to do anything other than agree to let this happen.

Note that if you also need to use the Harvard UTS referencing style, there uis a separate place to get that on our EndNote pages.

If you are working with a laptop and are still having problems, please bring it in to the library and we'll try to do this for you.



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