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Above n page pinpoint missing # confirmed error #

Hi Team,

Hope you can help.

I noticed when adding a footnote that appears as the type "above n", when I edit the "Above n" citation to include a pinpoint as page number, the page number does not display. Adding page number pinpoints works for the regular citations, but not "Above n"

In case it is relevant, before attempting to add the page number pinpoint, I had already update the "Above n" citation to show the footnote number after the "n" as per the endnote law tips page (https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/guides/law/endnote-law-tips)

I'm using endnote x7.7.1 with Mac word v15.26



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Hi Yanko,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 2 years ago

Hi Yanko,

Patrick finally came back - he told me that you can't use EndNote to put in pinpoints next to above n in Word, and that you have to manually type them in. 

Sorry about wasting so much of your time getting you this final, simple answer. 



Hi David,

Yanko's picture
Yanko, 2 years ago

Hi David,

Thanks for the confirmation, looks like we both got stung. I appreciate your efforts to followup and provide the workaround.

Sorry now as what follows, may be misconstrued as a rant, but I hope my subsequent suggestions are considered as a way to mitigate others from falling down this endless rabbit-hole. 

Its a shame, as Endnote does not suppress the pinpoint data popup box, which leads users to enter the pinpoint reference. This misleads users to think its meant to be supported, otherwise why permit users to enter this data within Endnote! I find this an unusual issue for a citation management tool as far a pinpoint referencing is involved, which is a really important and frequent part of footnoting for law essays.

To have to now manage the "Above n" footnotes manually is cumbersome and flawed. Noting that while an essay is being drafted, quite often there is a change in sequencing of cited works, which leads to where the first instance of a cited work appears. This affects the "n" part of "Above n" or even whether the use of "Above n" is to be replaced with "Ibid n" or even the formal full cited footnote. Hence, the manually entered part of the "Above n" will be lost, as it is entered outside the control of Endnote, hence will not be automatically readjusted when there is a shift in the order and citation types.

To avoid others falling into this endnote trap (like students and the Library support team) this issue should be documented outside this forum. Could you consider passing to the UTS team that maintains the endnote guides, such as those for law, that it would be helpful to add an instruction that endnote users should manually enter the pinpoint references for "Above n" footnotes as well as any warnings to keep alert to the possibility of that manually entered pinpoint being lost when citation sequencing and types are re-adjusted by Endnote.

Finally, is it possible for someone responsible for the UTS Endnote subscription to raise a problem ticket with the supplier of Endnote, such that it gets supported in a future release? 



Absolutely Yanko we can chase

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 2 years ago

Absolutely Yanko we can chase these things up - I'll pass your comments onto Patrick, who administers the EndNote for Law study guide and also liaises with the software supplier about issues such as these. 

Apologies for keeping you waiting on an answer to this too, I was on annual leave for most of February


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